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About Kolimbia

 Nestled between Rhodes Town and Lindos, Kolimbia is a tranquil haven on the island of Rhodes, Greece. 🏞️ This charming resort town captivates visitors with its ...more
 Nestled between Rhodes Town and Lindos, Kolimbia is a tranquil haven on the island of Rhodes, Greece. 🏞️ This charming resort town captivates visitors with its laid-back ambiance and stunning natural surroundings. The centerpiece is the long, sandy beach, perfect for unwinding under the Mediterranean sun. 🌊 Explore the picturesque Eucalyptus Alley, a signature feature of Kolimbia, offering a shaded stroll amidst fragrant eucalyptus trees.Kolimbia strikes a balance between relaxation and exploration, with its selection of inviting tavernas, shops, and a golf course for leisurely activities. The nearby Seven Springs, a lush oasis, provides a refreshing escape into nature. 🌳Embrace the tranquility of Kolimbia, where the beauty of the Aegean landscape and the warmth of Greek hospitality create an idyllic retreat for those seeking a peaceful escape on Rhodes Island. 🇬🇷🌴
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Kolymbia: A Sun-Soaked Haven Between Mountains and Sea ☀️

Kolymbia (Greek: Κολύμπια) emerges as a picturesque resort, basking in the sun, nestled between majestic mountains and the crystal-clear sea. This idyllic haven, located on the east coast of Rhodes, approximately 25 km from Rhodes city-center (a drive of about 40 minutes), boasts a fine beach catering to watersports enthusiasts, a smattering of shops, and an abundance of tranquility. 🏖️

A Family-Oriented Oasis with Two Distinct Beaches 🌊

This family-oriented resort unfolds its charm with two distinct and beautiful beaches. Behind an arc of sand and shingle beach, Kolymbia invites you into an unhurried, uncrowded haven that encapsulates the essence of typical Greek island holidays. The allure of this destination extends beyond borders, drawing in a diverse group of sun-seekers from around the globe. 🌍

Most hotels in Kolymbia are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with the natural landscape. Informal swimming pools dot palm-strewn gardens, creating a serene atmosphere. Beyond relaxation, these grounds also host an array of sport and leisure activities, ensuring a dynamic experience. The variety of hotels in the area brings quality, comfort, and style to this tranquil corner of Rhodes. 🏨

The Enchanting Landmark: Eucalyptus-Lined Road 🌳

A defining feature of Kolymbia is the long, straight road adorned with enormous eucalyptus trees on both sides. This scenic route connects the main road with the beach, creating a unique and memorable experience. Families with small children might find the smaller beach more suitable, with its shallow waters and fine yellow sand, perfect for building sandcastles and creating lasting memories. 🚗

Relaxed Tempo and Evening Delights 🌙

Holidays in Kolymbia embrace a relaxed tempo, offering evening entertainment within hotels and a selection of bars and tavernas serving traditional Greek food. This creates the perfect backdrop for leisurely conversations and a taste of authentic Greek cuisine. The atmosphere of Kolymbia is a gentle invitation to unwind and savor every moment. 🍽️🎉

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