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About Asklipio

 Welcome to the historic village of Asklipio, where the past and present harmonize in the heart of Rhodes, Greece! 🏰 This enchanting destination invites travele...more
 Welcome to the historic village of Asklipio, where the past and present harmonize in the heart of Rhodes, Greece! 🏰 This enchanting destination invites travelers to step into a time capsule, offering a captivating journey through centuries of Greek culture and tradition.Wander through the cobblestone streets lined with charming stone houses, adorned with colorful flowers, showcasing the village's timeless allure. 🏡 Explore the village square, where the imposing Church of the Dormition stands, providing a glimpse into the rich religious and architectural heritage of Asklipio. ⛪Asklipio is not just a testament to history; it's a living community where you can experience genuine Greek hospitality. Indulge in local cuisine at tavernas that serve up traditional flavors amidst a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 🍽️Surrounded by olive groves and scenic landscapes, Asklipio offers a serene escape, while its proximity to ancient sites and pristine beaches makes it a perfect base for exploration. 🌊 Whether you're a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply seeking tranquility, Asklipio promises an authentic and unforgettable experience on the sun-kissed island of Rhodes. ☀️🇬🇷
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Asklipio: A Hidden Gem in Southern Rhodes 🏰

Discover the quaint village of Asklipio, tucked away in the southern part of Rhodes, offering a peaceful retreat and captivating historical landmarks:

Between Tranquility and Development 🌳🏖️

Located not far from the bustling resort of Kiotari, Asklipio maintains its untouched charm despite its proximity to the rapidly developing tourist area. Nestled amidst stunning natural surroundings, the village boasts tranquility and a sense of unspoiled beauty.

Byzantine Splendor and Medieval Majesty 🏰⛪

Asklipio takes pride in its superb Byzantine church and a medieval castle, offering captivating sights for visitors. The Church of the Dormition, built in 1060 and recently restored, is a gem showcasing extraordinary Byzantine wall paintings. Adjacent to the church, explore a small folklore museum housed in the old olive press.

Vibrant Village Life at the Heart 🏡🌿

Despite its size, Asklipio is a small but lively village with a considerable population. The central square, facing the Church of the Dormition, serves as the heart of the village. Dive into the village life and explore the vibrant atmosphere.

Scenic Views from Medieval Heights 🏞️🏰

Embark on a journey to the castle atop the hill, where medieval fortifications unfold, offering a marvellous panorama. The breathtaking view stretches endlessly from Kiotari to Gennadi, providing a visual feast of the beautiful beach and coastal landscape.

While Asklipio may not be in the spotlight of tourism, its virgin allure, peace, and precious sightseeing make it a worthwhile destination. Escape the crowds, immerse yourself in history, and relish the tranquility of Asklipio.

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